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Prosthetic Dentistry

Humans are lucky enough to have a second set of natural teeth in their lifetime. We’ve been given 32 teeth in adulthood and every tooth has a role to play, so they are worth preserving. But, for whatever reason, if you’ve lost any of your natural teeth, our experienced dentists can provide you various replacement options that you can choose from, according to your wish. 


People think that replacements are necessary only for front teeth due to cosmetic reasons and tend to ignore missing back ones. Posterior teeth play a major role in the teeth function that is chewing. Teeth after their eruption into the mouth want to be in tight contact with one another. When a tooth is missing, especially posterior ones, there will be unnecessary movements like drifting (leaning) and/or supra-eruption (extrusion from the socket) which will then change the way you bite or lose anchorage of the tooth from the surrounding bone. Ultimately this results in cracks, fractures or loosing the tooth itself. Also missing teeth leads to shrinkage of your jaws and supporting structures. Hence replacements are very important to maintain the structure and integrity of your face along with its cosmetic and functional benefits.

Be it a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth, Prakhya Dental offers a range of removable or fixed options to replace them.

Dental Bridges
Dental Implants
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Full Mouth Rehabilitation
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