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Experience the Difference!

If you haven’t been to a dentist for ages or are looking for a change, we at Prakhya Dental welcome you with a smile and cater your dental needs with our personalized, caring approach. We give importance to you and your desires and provide the best advice and treatment options to your dental problems

A dental visit can be intimidating for some people irrespective of their age, especially if you have had bad past experiences yourself or have heard from others. We understand your fears and anxiety and take utmost care to help you overcome them  with ease. We work hard towards gaining your complete trust in us and make you appreciate the difference in our way of dealing teeth and you as a whole. Our clean ambiences and friendly staff make you feel relaxed and comfortable at all times. 


Prakhya Dental welcomes everyone with a smile and leaves a remarkable impression of having the most gentle, trust-worthy and pleasant dental experience one may have. Come and see us to discover the difference yourself and start wearing a confident smile today!

Kempsey Dentist, Taree Dentist
Kempsey Dentist, Taree Dentist
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