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Clear Aligners

Orthodontics is a speciality in dentistry that deals with correction of malalignment of your teeth. Crowding, spacing, crossbite, overbite or underbite, whatever your dental situation is, orthodontic treatment is the only way to correct it. 


We know what it feels to yourself when someone has faulty teeth arrangement but what one may not know is that it is not only the cosmetics that would be improved with orthodontic corrections but also improve the functionality of your overall bite. Thus eliminating, if not minimizing, future repercussions from your improper dental arrangement.


Prakhya Dental offers orthodontic treatment to mild to moderate cases with the help of Invisalign Clear Aligners. If your case is beyond the experience and expertise of our dedicated dentists, you will be referred to a specialist for your orthodontic consultation and treatment.
























Invisalign are the pioneers in clear aligner technology and the most popular too. It provides our patients with the latest treatment in modern orthodontics. 

The invisalign treatment involves the use of clear, plastic aligners (trays) which are replaced periodically. Depending on the complexity of your dental issues, a series of aligners will be generated by the lab, according to our proposed treatment plan, to correct a vast array of orthodontic abnormalities.


The time frame of the process can vary according to which type of procedure is needed. Types in Invisalign treatment are Comprehensive, Lite, Moderate and Express, to achieve the best possible outcome for you. 

Kempsey Dentist, Taree Dentist

The procedure starts with our initial consultation to discuss your dental desires that is followed by taking photographic orthodontic records and radiological records for our assessment. A digital impression of your dental arches will be taken and sent to the lab, which later sends the digitally designed comprehensive 3D simulation treatment plan. Your dentist will then sit with you to explain the treatment course and duration. With your informed consent and approval, the lab fabricates the aligners and upon receipt your dentist will issue them to you in parts at multiple visits.

Invisalign is less painful than traditional braces, virtually invisible and convenient and is a contemporary solution to orthodontic issues in patients of all ages.  


Kempsey Dentist, Taree Dentist
Kempsey Dentist, Taree Dentist
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