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Dentures are the removable option to replace missing teeth and are of two types.

  1. Full dentures are used when the patient has all teeth missing in either one or both arches and are made of acrylic resin only

  2. Partial dentures are used when the patient still has some natural teeth remaining, which will act like anchors to retain and stabilize the prosthesis. These are made of acrylic resin or metal casting.

Both these dentures can be made in two different ways.

  1. Conventional dentures are those where the teeth have been extracted first and the denture is made after the healing is complete. This could take a few months before the denture procedure gets started.

  2. Immediate dentures are those where the denture is made first and then the teeth are extracted. This is usually done only in cases with anterior missing teeth for cosmetic reasons. However, after the healing is complete, there could be gaps underneath and the denture needs relining or at times redoing.


  • Most economical option to replace multiple missing or all teeth

  • Adjacent teeth need not be trimmed in case of partial dentures

  • No surgery required

  • Teeth can be added onto existing partial dentures if further

       extractions are inevitable


  • Gum and bone continue to shrink, hence resulting in need of

       relining or remaking in future

  • Removable and are prone to accidental mishandling

  • Loss of taste sensation due to covering the palatine taste buds

       (upper full dentures)



False teeth also deserve regular checks and maintenance. At Prakhya Dental, we check and clean your dentures too during your regular dental visits and advise you if any modifications are needed. We emphasize on taking the dentures out after every meal and brushing/rinsing the gums/teeth and also the denture to eliminate food debris. We also advise using denture cleansing tablets daily which help in removing odour-causing bacteria, stains and also reduce plaque build up and hence keep your dentures fresher and cleaner at all times. On the other side, we highly recommend the patient to bring it to our immediate notice if you’re experiencing any difficulties/pain by using the dentures, to prevent major problems in future.

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