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Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a fixed replacement of single or multiple missing teeth. This comprises the crown/caps, over the abutments (teeth/dental implants on either sides of the missing), and the pontic (false tooth that replaces the missing one). Bridge not only helps in replacing the missing tooth but also in reinforcing the structure of abutments in cases of those having heavy fillings and are prone to cracks and fractures. Dental bridges are made of metal, ceramic or a combination of both and zirconia.


They are of three types.

  1. Conventional bridges are single or multiple pontics with two or more crowns on either sides of it

  2. Cantilever bridges are those where a single pontic has support on only one side with either one or two crowns.

  3. Maryland bridges are single pontics with metal/porcelain wings that are cemented on the palatal/tongue side of the abutments. Their usage is limited to only the anterior region.


The procedure involves preparing the abutment teeth, under local anesthesia, and taking an impression that will later be sent to the lab to get the bridge fabricated or mill in house. The bridge then will be cemented over the prepared teeth on the same visit or a subsequent one and in case of a lab fabricated bridge, temporary crowns will be placed over your prepared abutments. 



  • Fixed replacement

  • Reinforced the abutment teeth in cases where the tooth structure is compromised

  • Cosmetically advanced



  • In some cases, unnecessary reduction of healthy adjacent teeth for abutment support

  • Expensive

  • Abutment failure for whatever reason compromises the bridge too

  • Chips and fractures of crowns can happen




Just like your natural teeth crowns and bridges also need to be brushed and flossed. Our dentists will give you instructions on how to use special aids to clean the tiny gaps between the bridge and underneath the pontic. Secondary decays are the most common reason for failure of crown and bridge which is a resultant of inability to clean them properly. Hence your regular dental check ups and cleans are a must along with thorough daily maintenance.

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