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Also known as dental pain. It is a pain in your teeth and/or its supporting structures. Toothache varies from being sharp or dull, intermittent or continuous, may or maynot get affected with food, drinks, temperature change and can spread into your jaw or sinus cavity.

In dental terminology, toothache is referred to as “Pulpitis” which means inflammation of the living part of your tooth, the pulp. This can be of two types, reversible and irreversible. The former subsides when the causative factor is eliminated  and the tooth is restored

but the latter can’t be and need root canal therapy or extraction.



Most common causes of toothache are tooth decay,

cracked tooth, abscessed tooth, excessive tooth sensitivity,

ill-fitting crown or filling and habits like bruxism (teeth grinding).

Based on the extent of the problem in the tooth the symptoms

vary and is classified as reversible or irreversible pulpitis.




Self home medication may give some relief and buy some time

but can’t treat the problem. Only we,  your dentists, upon

examination, can advise you various options based on the

situation and you can make an informed decision in your best

interest. For temporary relief of pain one may try over the counter

pain medications, clove oil, cold packs, numbing gels, salt water rinsing or peppermint tea bags placed over the affected tooth.




Prakhya Dental values the popular phrases ‘A Stitch In Time Saves Nine’ and ‘Prevention Is Better Than Cure’. Likewise, most toothaches can surely be avoided with regular professional checks and cleans which allows your dental problems to be identified, minimized and addressed in time. This saves you from going through the agony and ending up losing your tooth or gathering a huge bill to keep it.


Professional cleans remove the dental plaque which is the main reason for tooth decay and gum disease. Having routine six monthly checks and cleans ensures you the best oral health your mouth and total body deserves.

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Kempsey Dentist, Taree Dentist
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