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Mouth Guards

Dental mouth guards designed to protect your teeth and surrounding structures. Dental injuries can happen while playing any contact sports or other risky activities like skiing, horse-riding, gymnastics, etc. Wearing the mouth guards can significantly reduce or completely eliminate the damage and severity of the injuries that may occur to your teeth. Thus saving your time and money in the dental chair.

Prakhya Dental offers two types of mouth guards:


If you or your child is playing any contact sports such as Boxing, NRL & AFL, Martial Arts, Soccer, etc, or in fact any sport that put your mouth at a risk of being hit by sporting equipment or fellow players, a dental mouth guard is paramount to help eliminate the risks or at least minimize the severity of damage to your teeth.

As per the recommendations from the Australian Dental Association (ADA) and Sports Medicine Australia (SMA), a professionally customized mouth guards provided by your dentist must be worn rather than over the counter generic ones. Boil and bite guards can be uncomfortable and ill-fitting, thus hinder your speech and fail to provide your the necessary protection during the time of need. 


People tend to grind or clench teeth during sleep or even during the day, when stressed or while concentrating on something. This phenomenon is called Bruxism. This results in wear or cracks on your teeth over time and lead the further dental or jaw joint problems. 

If you are aware or being informed by others that your grind or clench your teeth, wearing a mouth guard at night will help you prevent teeth wear and also reduce the strain in your joint. Minimizing the habit during the day is possible as we're conscious and can work on it.

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