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Minor Soft Tissue Surgery

Minor soft tissue surgery may be needed for developmental, physiological or pathological causes and is done in dentistry for cosmetic and/or functional reasons.  Our experienced dentists, at Prakhya Dental, can perform the same in a painless, comfortable manner to lift your esthetics and enhance function.

Following are some of the situations where minor surgery may be required:

  1. Gummy smile, where you show more gum than teeth and can be quite concerning for some. A procedure called “Gingivectomy” can be performed, where the excess gum tissue is excised to expose your teeth, hence improving the esthetics.

   2. Swollen gums, a developmental abnormality or pathological due to plaque, can also be detrimental in some people, causing                 esthetic concerns and/or aid in periodontitis (loss of attachment around teeth). In case of plaque induced, firstly the dental                      health needs to be brought back to a good state and then the surgical excision can be performed.

   3. High frenum, most commonly the upper labial frenum, can cause diastema (spacing) between the two upper central incisor teeth          and can be esthetically displeasing. If it is diagnosed early, just the surgical excision is enough and the space will be closed                        automatically. If not, orthodontic closure of the space is needed following the surgery. 

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