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Lynette Porter

Besides working for us, Lyn also owns a photography & photo booth business under the name LySar Photography. She loved photography since she received her first camera in high school and dreams to take it as her full-time work.


She also has a passion for hockey which she started playing from primary school. Over the years, besides playing, she also has coached and been involved as registrar of the club she played for. To keep her always occupied, she is also part of a Christian church family which is a big part of her life.

Lyn is married to Lance and together they have three grown children Shaun, Jason and Sarah. They also have a son-in-law Nick and a daughter-in-law Jewel. Last but definitely not the least they have a grandson James, who she don't see nearly enough.

She also has two dogs and a cat, who she

Kempsey Dentist, Taree Dentist


Kempsey Dentist, Taree Dentist
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