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Kids' Dental Health

We are a kid-friendly practice and welcome children of all ages. Kids from 2 years of age onwards must be encouraged to visit the dentist regularly to structure their oral health and maintain it moving forward in their lives. As a parent you’d want the best for your child and bringing them early and regularly will result in better hygiene and attitude towards their oral health. This will ensure healthy teeth and gums for their lifetime.



                                                                                                          PREVENTING CAVITIES

Deciduous (milk) teeth are natural space maintainers for the growing permanent (adult) teeth and yes, they eventually fall out but this doesn’t mean they don’t get the care they deserve. Tooth decay is the most common infectious disease among children. If they are not treated appropriately and saved, it will lead to tooth aches and/or premature loss of their milk teeth. Premature loss of milk teeth leads to space loss and development of orthodontic problems in future.

Daily brushing and flossing at home will help but not just enough. Regular twice a year check ups and cleans are very important for the kids too. This eliminates the risks associated with plaque bacteria on their teeth and gums. 

Kempsey Dentist, Taree Dentist

In addition to the checks and cleans, we also recommend fissure sealants on their teeth. Most kids have deep grooves in their teeth and these are hard to clean with a toothbrush alone. Food gets trapped in these grooves and attracts bacteria which in turn cause decay. 

A fissure seal helps fill these grooves and makes them shallow, hence allowing easy cleaning. The procedure is painless and doesn’t involve any drilling. The dentist first cleans the tooth, etches it and then places the seal. Being resin based, fissure seals also set with the help of special light and any high points are trimmed later if necessary. Our experience shows this is very effective to prevent cavities in kids and young patients.

Kempsey Dentist, Taree Dentist
Kempsey Dentist, Taree Dentist


Fluoride plays a vital role in fighting tooth decay. When coated on your teeth, it forms  a hard, acid-resistant layer called fluorapatite which attributes to its anti-decay property. It is a natural mineral that is found in rocks, soil, fresh & salt water, vegetables and grains in minimal quantity.

Brushing teeth using a fluoridated toothpaste twice daily is considered the most effective way to receive daily fluoride. A professional application is also necessary, regularly, and we do it after every clean. It is another preventative tool and also aids in developing strong teeth during growth. Hence we recommend all children have this treatment. Evidence shows that fluoride works really well and reduces tooth decay upto 40% in children and 25% in adults also.

Kempsey Dentist, Taree Dentist
Kempsey Dentist, Taree Dentist
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