Composite Bonding

Dental bonding is a procedure where enamel like composite resin material is applied on to your tooth surface and is sculpted into desired tooth shape and size, set hard and polished. The color of the resin could be matching to existing teeth or a desired new shade could be chosen to fulfil the patient’s needs. Hence composite bonding is ideal to conceal discolorations, gaps, minor alignment discrepancies, fractures and wear facets. 

This treatment is an affordable option that, when taken care, lasts for a good time. The procedure involves firstly tooth preparation, after which the tooth is etched and washed, a bonding agent is coated and is set with the help of a special light that triggers its setting process. Then the composite resin is bonded directly onto the teeth, moulded to the required shape and is hardened in increments with the help of a special light. It is then finished and polished until desired results are achieved.

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