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Bleeding Gums

Bleeding from your gums is the first sign of gingivitis that is inflammation of the gum. Poor oral hygiene is the main reason for this. Our mouth contains millions of bacteria which multiply outrageously when the oral hygiene is compromised. This inturn leads to release of an acid from them which affects the dental and periodontal tissue (gum and bone). Bleeding gums can be a dental emergency especially in cases of acute gingival infections where the gums appear reddish and become very sore.

People tend to avoid brushing if they notice blood from the gums but in fact, one should do more thoroughly to help eliminate the plaque and help the gums heal. 




There is no alternative to a professional dental check and clean to treat bleeding gums. Since the gums could be very tender, our dentists can offer anesthetizing sprays over your gums and do the needful professional clean in multiple sessions to make it as comfortable as possible to you. Maintaining strict oral hygiene standards daily and regular six monthly checks and cleans is pivotal to keep your gingival and overall oral health in a better state.

Kempsey Dentist, Taree Dentist
Kempsey Dentist, Taree Dentist
Kempsey Dentist, Taree Dentist
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